Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My baby started college. Wait... WHAT?

I'll admit I've been awhile  in writing this post. I've totally been trying to process the fact that my sweet girl moved away to start college! We moved her in to her dorms about 2 weeks ago and she is loving it!
Having a child move out to go to college is a milestone for every mother, but just to to be able to get my girl healthy and strong enough to handle it is nothing short of amazing. She has severe Crohn's disease and shortly after High School graduation, she became extremely ill. She was so severely ill in fact, that she spent the majority of the summer in the hospital or at home hooked up to feeding tubes and other various gadgets. I won't take the time to tell the story today as that would take hours, but come August, when all of her friends were getting ready to start the next chapter of their lives, My girl got to have about 15 inches of her colon removed and had to defer fall semester. She was heartbroken and so was I. Crohn's is a vicious disease! After a long hard battle though, I am so very proud of her! She is loving the college experience and I am loving that she is doing so well!

Also, just to tie a little crafty goodness in to this post, notice the cute pillows on her bed? Dylan and I made them together. Also, in the middle photo, I made the cute letter "d" out of colored pencils and Dylan made the two "Ugly Dolls" sitting next to it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2012 "List"

Let me just start off by saying that this post was totally inspired by Faith over at Fresh Lemons.
She made a lovely mosaic of all of her 2011 quilts and wrote about the things on her 2011 list that she accomplished and didn't and some of the things she hope to accomplish in 2012 - like make a zig zag quilt - which has been floating around on my mental list for months and voila! I decided that I needed to make a list, a real one, not just the random scattered thoughts in my brain, so with that said, here is my "list" for 2012.

*Make a chevron quilt
*Make a completely improvisational quilt
*Make fun skirts for my girls
*Work on my scrapbooks at least once a month
*Drink more water
*Make a wonky star quilt
*Spend a little more time on my blog
*and most important of all... Enjoy the process!!!

Here is my first finished quilt for 2012, The Firecracker Quilt. The pattern is by Jaybird Quilts.
A fitting quilt for the new year don't you think?