Saturday, October 15, 2011

A purse for me.

After seeing so many adorable bags at the Sewing Summit last weekend, I felt like I needed a sassy, new purse for myself. If I was really on top of things I would have made one BEFORE the Summit, but clearly, that was not the case! My dear friend Ann-Marie made her bag using a pattern from Noodlehead called the 241 bag and it was fabulous, so of course I had to make one too!  Ann-Marie is the one who got me addicted to sewing just about a year and a half ago, so I blame her for my fabric hoarding issues! ;)
Now, just for fun, hare are a few pictures from the Sewing Summit that I borrowed from her blog because I didn't even take my camera - sheesh!
Me and my partner in crime!

                                                               Sewing Nirvana!
                                            Fabric addicts anonymous - er... quilt shop hop.
My block from the improv piecing class taught by Jess of Urban Quilter.


  1. Love the new blog! (And bag!!!) It was so much fun to meet you - and then to make our small world connection too. Now I can come find where you live. lol~! We should definitely meet up at a fabric shop again sometime too. :)

  2. Love the bag! I came home with 2 pictures. Just 2. Lame. Next year!
    Now maybe I will have to make a bag since I didn't make one in time for summit either.

  3. omg your blog is getting cuter n' cuter!! But it's kind of expected cause you're cute! :)

    Love the purse - the fabric choices are awesome. I think me you and anne-marie should get together and sew.

  4. Great job on your bag, Shannon :)

  5. Of course I LOVE your bag! I need some of that viewfinder fabric pronto!
    I'm so glad you joined me in the fabric hoarding journey :)