Monday, November 21, 2011

Pink & Gray for Joycee Kay

About 6 months ago, my darling neighbors had their first baby, a darling little girl, and they named her Joycee. I had every intention of making a baby quilt BEFORE little Joycee was born, but life threw us a few curve balls this summer and that didn't happen! However... I figured that little Joycee wouldn't really care when she got a quilt so I whipped up this little number for her to cuddle up with this winter.
I think she will like it, and if my sweet girl Rio is any indicator, I think she will!!!


  1. Shanny- this turned out so CUTE!!!! I love it!
    and the dog is pretty cute too!

  2. Pink and Gray, hooray! Love that combo and your Rio! Nice to meet you and I am your newest follower.

  3. I am not showing up as a follower on your blog? Can you see that I am when you log into your blog under your followers?