Thursday, May 22, 2014

Online Card Classes Watercolor For Card Makers

Well hello! I can't believe I'm actually here! But here I am indeed. I have been doing a class over at Online Card Classes and having a blast so I thought I would share my first attempts at any sort of watercoloring. I'm a creative type of gal and all, I like scrapbooking, quilting, furniture and home remodeling and such, but for the life of me I can't draw or paint really at all. But something about doing it on a card made it less intimidating so without further ado...

Both of these are from day 1 of class.  Not to bad for my first attempt! The best part though, is that I had a total blast playing with watercolor paints. Score!

These cards are from day 3 where we painted a stamp, sprayed it with water and stamped. The cards look almost identical, but if you look closely, the second card's image is a little softer. It's because I simply re-sprayed my stamp with water but didn't add any more ink. Pretty cool effect I think.

Here are a few more card where I got to practice various techniques. I'm not in love with all of them by any means but I am in love with playing with watercolor paints and inks! Its so fun to be excited about simply playing and experimenting without having any expectations of what the finished product will look like!

Thanks for stopping by!

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